Imageviewmedia has created a revolutionary new type of digital video advertising called ACS.  Created using IAB standard technology, ACS extends standard video advertising in a new, more powerful way.  Created with the needs of both the advertiser and the viewer in mind, ACS is an end to end solution, hosting, serving and analysing campaigns that resonate with the audience and out-performs traditional in-stream ad options.



ACS analyses the words spoken within digital video and creates ad opportunities from those words and phrases. Truly contextual, ACS creates incremental video inventory while increasing the control advertisers and publishers have over placement.


ACS respects the viewer experience though unique design and function.  Unintrusive and engaging, the viewer controls the choice and control over whether or not to engage with ACS.   The audience has asked for less intrusive advertising and ACS delivers that experience through contextual ad placement and, unique design.

Video Inventory

ACS allows for an incremental increase in available ad inventory.  By creating ad inventory based upon words and phrases, hundreds of potential ad placements are suddenly available within a video.  Given the exploding popularity of online video and the ongoing shortage in available video ad inventory, ACS drastically increases the value of existing and future video content.